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      But there was neither word nor action for him now. He tried once more to argue but his words were parried with a calm tenacity that left no room for discussion. In the end he was ready to do what he had to dohad to do in order, simply, to save Dara. There was no other reason: he needed none.

      "Him and his hors's wore out and asleep," answered Shorty, after a minute's study. "Look at his head and his hoss's.""Do you know what the General wants with me. Shorty?" he asked in a conciliatory way, when they were alone together on the sidewalk.

      Have pity, my true love, have pity on me!""Take it away! take it away!" he screamed.

      "Were you out late last night?"together with

      "I think we ought to holler some. Makes it livelier. What sort o' guns has the guerrillas?"

      And the tents were all silent, the banners alone.


      "Don't be a fool, Markham," said the lawyer, catching the man and pushing him back into the crowd behind. "Now, sir, Sergeant, or Captain, or Colonel, whatever you may call yourself, for I despise military titles, and don't pretend to know them, I again demand the release of those men. You'll be foolish to attempt to resist, for we've men enough to tear you limb from limb, and jerk down the jail over your heads. Look out for yourself. You can see that the courtyard is full of men. They are determineddesperate, for they have groaned under the iron heel of tyranny."


      "Say, Corpril, the Orderly said we wuz goin' to fight a whole passel of rebel cavalry, didn't he?"


      "No; that's too dangerous, and you'll lose time in gittin' together," answered Si. "You must all come into the cars with me."CHAPTER X. SHORTY AS ORDERLY